Christmas Day'08

Christmas Day what to do...ma date those 'single' friend to watched movie and shopping lo. Haha...lucky surrounding of me still got few friends 'still available'(means single lo).

Movie we watched Ip Man (Nice & meaningful movie)

Christmas Eve '08

Christmas Eve should be celebration but me need to work on that day then what to do...just bring along the laptop to celebrate lo...Haha...wanna thanks Shervain just because she keep asked me join them and she told me will find the place with WIFI (for me online work)...really paisei just because we just met once before...Let check it out that day Christmas celebration photo with my friends...

Italian Restaurant with Lousy Food


Nokia Shoot 20081220

Long time no casting no shoot no job maybe look old already or not 'lengzai' anymore. Haha...lucky last time during samsung shoot one hot & spicy girl ask for my photo and thanks for her intro this job to me. Don't talk so much if not everyone will feel sleepy already, let have a look that day shooting photos...

Photos by Sharp 904SH

Have photo with those uncle 1st then automatic i will become most 'lengzai' already. Haha...


Dearest Sister Married T.T

My dearest and most close sister married feel happy and feel sad also, just because she really really and really 'sayang' (malay) me so feel so sad T.T...Anyway wish she have a brand new life and happy forever...

Brother in law please keep your promises because you already sign the 'Marriage Agreement' for my sister


Dream Girl...

Dream girl means dream 'punya'(Malay) girl lo, so what to do! Ma just dream lo...She told me she want learn English and already register English class. She very earnest to tells me her to learn English and planning buy some English story book with picture(for those beginner). So I hope this photo album can be a good story book for her and hope she can understand meaning of it.

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Ai Sha Malaysia 'chincai' Trip
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Pek Eng Tiong Wedding Dinner (10yrs ++ friend)

Pek Eng Tiong is my more than 10yrs friend and also one of my secondary friend. During secondary he like to clubbing, drink, smoke and etc but nowadays he really really different his behaviors, thinking so mature but outlook also mature.Haha...I really proud of him just because he can have a big changes in this few years and on the right way track. Summary ‘Time may prove all’.Gambateh all my buddy!!!

Kok Leong, Eng Tiong, sozai chincai


Broga Hill 茅草山 2

This time to Broga Hill just because my friend (really good friend last time) ask me and just because she break off with my very good friend (but now not friend anymore cause cheat my money). Some more she told me wanna introduce lenglui to me so i decided accompany her to Broga Hill again. Haha...

Photos by Canon Ixus 80

From BrogaHill


Pey Ling Wedding Dinner

Long time do not have gathering with my ex-college course mate, this is good opportunity to meet those all my ex-college 'Pig Dog Friend' (猪朋狗友)! Haha...because previously gathering only male and feel like 'Boy scout' (童子军) but does not mean this time all are 'lenglui' at least got female.
Let have a look those my ex-college course mate look....

sozai and LengLui Vernice


Banana Waterfall 香蕉瀑布


Photo By Ixus 60

From BananaWaterfall


Broga Hill 茅草山


Photos by Canon Ixus 60
From BrogaHill


Melacca Heritage Town Day Trip - Part 4

This last part of Melacca History Town Day Trip, introdce the old area around the Christ Church, ruins of St Paul's, the Stadthuys and Porto de Santiago are all within walking distance and the ochre-red colour of many of the buildings gives them a distinguished appearance.

Photos by Ixus 30

Melacca River
From Melacca Day Trip - 06 Oct 2008


Melacca Heritage Town Day Trip - Part 3

After the 'Jonker Walk', next destination is 'Dataran Pahlawan' (英雄广场) complex because Melacca really hot so have find some places with air-conditioner if not i will die. Let see the Melacca latest and most modern shopping complex (roof top is field with some coffee shop and underground is shopping complex).Important is air-conditioner. Haha 2.2...

Photos by Sharp 904sh

Roof Top of 'Dataran Pahlawan' Complex
From Melacca Day Trip - 06 Oct 2008


Melacca Heritage Town Day Trip - Part 2

Culturally and historically, Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat today we know) and Hereen Street (Jalan Tun Cheng Lock known today), Jalan Tokong, St Paul Hill, Stadyhuts, Sg Melaka, in actual fact, is an open living museums of our country, in Melaka particularly and in Malaysia generally, just due to its own unique cultural property and hundred years of history of British Administration, Baba Nyonya, Oversea Chinese, birth of ruling Chinese party, MCA with its late Tun Tan Cheng Lock & Tun Tan Siew Sin as first president, campaign for Independent movement and proclamation of our Merdeka, many historical & national events were taking places in this cultural corridor!

As I mention 'Melacca Heritage Town Day Trip - Part 1' that day is 'God of Nine Princess' day so the famous and lively 'Jonker Walk' also quiet on that day cause 95% and above seller are Chinese. Never mind cause is good for me to shoot nice photos.

Jonker Walk by Sharp 904sh
From Melacca Day Trip - 06 Oct 2008


Melacca Heritage Town Day Trip - Part 1

Just a day trip but take a lot photos cause i really like this town than places i stay (Kuala Lumpur) unfortunately me 'kena saman' (fine RM30) and that day is ‘God of Nine princes’ day(九王爷诞). Never mind la, as long is happy trip...

Don't talk so much let see my lunch meal and places at Melacca, is most famous food at Melacca 'Baba-NyoNya' Food and restaurant.

Photos by Sharp 904sh

Jonker 88 Restaurant

Baba-NyoNya Foods
From Melacca Day Trip - 06 Oct 2008


Klang 'Makan' Trip - 05 Oct 2008

Actually this time to Klang is plan to take 'Ba Gu Teh' as lunch, then visit 'Fu Guang Shan' and have photos over there. Finally to eat seafood as dinner. But not fail cause we to sing 'K' after lunch, keep singing at 'Green Box' then forgot what time already so no enough time to 'Fu Guang Shan'. Lucky still can have a seafood as dinner. So this trip called 'Klang Makan Trip'

P/S: 'Makan' mean eat

Photos by Sharp 904sh

Ba Gu Teh 肉骨茶
From Klang, Selangor 05 Oct 2008


Old Town TVC

This is a tired job cause got to wait from morning 7.30am to 12am (actual shooting time on 10pm++). Some more no enough extra talent then me 'kena' do as extra talent. That day damn hot make my shoulder . Sien...following got few photos of the shooting places , Kuala Kubu Bharu (1st time been there).

Photos by Sharp 904sh

From Old Town TVC


Bukit Tabur 水晶山

'Bukit Tabur', I hear this name long time already. 1st time is my friend's 'hong少' asked "wanna hiking or not?" Sure i answer "No la!I'm so busy!I have work everyday even Saturday and Sunday". After this he didn't ask me anymore cause. This time I went to 'Bukit Tabur' hiking just because i saw 'cari' forum (malaysia most famous forum) got 1 geng 'kaki' (member) wanna to 'Bukit Tabur' and one of participants is my friend (hong少). So i ask my another friend (hooi) to hiking, he answer 'Yes', then this hiking trip was happen.

Photos by Sharp by 904sh & Sony Ericsson K800i

From Bukit Tabur


Samsung TVC

Long time no shoot already this is me back Malaysia second TVC job but this time only as extra talent but nvm cause can meet a lot friend (extra talent also). This weekend meaningful cause can join this field again.

Photos by Sony Ericsson W980i


Star Cruise Half Day Trip

This is the 1st time I step on the Star Cruise with my friend and family members. Maybe felt tired, sleepy, rush, and maybe this not a biggest Star Cruise of Star Cruise Club but this half day trip is meaningful and good experience for me.

Hope can share with all of you.....

Photos by Sharp 904sh & Sony Ericsson K800i

Sharp 904sh, Sony Ericsson K800i

Thank for viewing...

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30th August 2008 ~Singapore Trip

This album release just because Yee Sang wedding dinner and this also can consider as consider for us.

Special for you guys....

Photos by Sharp 904sh

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刚刚回国,昨天8月31日又是马来西亚国庆。所以就上载我的旧作Sharp 903SH拍的吉隆坡的KLCC-Kuala Lumpur City Center

Photos by Sharp 903sh




From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

From 傻仔~chincai

PS : 这12朵花名字连在一起也就是芹菜想对你说的话

Photos by Sharp 903sh